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CHRMP Certification validates your mastery in the area of HR Leadership & Execution. It demonstrates you have exceptional skills in managing and running the HR Function. It also validates your understanding of the strategic function of HR and policy implementation.

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CHRMP builds your skills in all domains of HR and leads to a prestigious qualification through our certification partner, Pearson VUE

CHRMP Job Analysis

Job Analysis

This training module will enable you to conduct a systematic job analysis for your organisation. You will also learn how to create job descriptions and job specifications.

CHRMP Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

This module will teach you how to create and execute employee engagement plans. You will learn how to devise and deploy surveys to measure engagement, together with strategies for improving it.  

CHRMP Performance Management

Performance Management

This part of the programme will equip you to implement various tools and techniques for both performance appraisal and performance management.


Behavioural Event Interviewing

BEI is a critical skill for assessing talent and interviewing, and has quickly become the gold standard the world over. You will learn how to design BEI questions, structure an interview and evaluate candidates' responses on behavioural parameters. 


Compensation and Benefits Planning

Compensation and benefits professionals have far-reaching impacts both on firms' costs and on their employees' motivation. In this module, you will learn how to undertake compensation and benefits planning, manage compensation turnover, balance internal equity and use the Point Plan Method. 

CHRMP learning and development

Learning and Development 

L&D professionals contribute to meeting organisations' critical capacity-building goals. This module will help you analyse training needs, design training programmes, develop training collateral, deliver training courses and evaluate their effectiveness.

CHRMP Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

This module will empower you to build and validate competencies in the HRM hiring vertical. It helps to develop an understanding of, and skills in, various strategic, planning and implementation tools that organisations use to get the best talent on board.

Competency Mapping

This module will build your capacity to conduct a  competency mapping exercise. Competencies are the new currency of HR, and working with competencies is essential for HR professionals, particularly those preparing to transition their HR function to a competency-based one.

HR Polices

Through this module, you will build your competencies in HR policy formulation. It will teach you to analyse HR policies for alignment with the strategic vision of your organisation, and you will also learn how to create and implement robust policies.

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